[Tap Jockey] is a horse racing game.
You run your horse by tapping the screen and adjusting its speed.
Each horse has values on 3 features; “speed” “stamina” and “sense”.
You can create a unique horse by adjusting each value with points earned at races.
Points are awarded when you win a race, then you can adjust each features before proceeding to the next race (maximum 6 races).

Info on each race***
Race 1 … Pawn Cup 1200m(3/4mile)
Race 2 … Knight Cup 1200m(3/4mile)
Race 3 … Bishop Cup 1600m(1mile)
Race 4 … Rook Cup 1600m(1mile)
Race 5 … Queen Cup 2400m(1 1/2mile)
Race 6 … King Cup 2400m(1 1/2mile)
Total of the field is 8 horses including your horse.
Lead your horse to victory by distributing the features and judging other horses’ types and abilities.